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No pressure. No cost. Just care.

Am I Pregnant?

If you've taken a home test or are experiencing early pregnancy symptoms and think you may be pregnant, contact us today. 


The Pregnancy Care Center of Cayuga County provides cost-free services, including pregnancy tests at the center. Learn more about common pregnancy signs and if you need to take a test.

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Explore Your Options

If your pregnancy was not planned, we can help. Make an appointment today for a free consultation and get answers on all your pregnancy options including abortion pills and at-home abortions, clinic procedures, adoption, and parenting resources.


All consultations are confidential. Get the answers you need before you plan your next steps.

Be Empowered

Pregnancy Care Center provides resources and support for women and families resources to Cayuga County, including counseling, pregnancy support, parenting education, classes, material aid, mentorship programs, community referrals, and more at no cost to you.


Need assistance as a single mom or single parent? Contact us to learn more ways we can help.

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Find Support

We understand the complex emotions surrounding an abortion decision or the weight of grief after a pregnancy loss to miscarriage or stillbirth. We provide counseling and support groups to any woman who needs a safe space to talk about her experience and find healing.

Contact us today to learn more. All calls, messages, and appointments are completely confidential.

About Us

The Pregnancy Care Center is a free resource center in Cayuga County, New York. We serve women and men facing pregnancy decisions or in need of additional family resources, pregnancy support, or reproductive grief counseling.

We believe women deserve to get information from a place that does not financially benefit from their choice. No matter who you are or what you decide, our services are always confidential and free of charge to you. 

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Get in Touch

Pregnancy Care Center
75 Genesee St.
Auburn, NY 13021


Paid parking is available both on the street and behind our building. Kiosks to pay for parking are located in the Dill Street parking lot and along Genesee Street

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